Corporate Management Training

For any corporate or business house, their human resources are their most valuable assets. What gives a clear edge to an organization over its competitors is the quality of their personnel in terms of personal commitment, motivation, and innovation. Hence the focus has shifted on human resource management and on keeping the employees updated and abreast of the changes taking place. Training has assumed considerable importance, and often finding the right training program or the right trainer is something of a challenge. An effective training program is one that makes a positive difference in the work place. Thus, it focuses more on the practical aspects of work rather than theoretical formulations.

Under Employees Assistance Programme, I provide customized corporate management training on developing psychological aspects for improving skills, efficacy and output of personnel at junior as well as senior level in various industries and business houses. Corporates are welcome to inquire about customized training programmes for employees at various levels aimed at improving their outputs by developing a healthier approach and boosting their morale and motivation to achieve expected goals and targets within set timelines.

The pressure of achieving physical and financial targets within specified timelines causes tremendous occupational stress among employees at all levels in today’s work environment. Stress is one of the most important and serious problems facing the field of organizational behaviour. The causes come from both outside and inside the organization, from the groups that employees are influenced by, and from the employees themselves. A special concern for organizations today is to deal with the stress resulting from different organizational decisions such as downsizing, low pay, power politics, burnout and so forth. Effective steps need to be taken to prevent or reduce the increasing the stress facing today’s employees. Evaluation helps identify the particular stressors faced by the employees thus helping in the process of coping at both the individual as well as the organizational level.

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