Online Counselling for NRIs & Outstation Individuals

Online Counselling can address a range of emotional and interpersonal issues, just like regular psychotherapy, for NRIs and individuals who live or have gone are out-of-station. Some of them are enlisted here to help you:

• Therapy with adults: This involves individual online sessions and can focus on difficulties such as depression, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, body image issues, obsessive thoughts, excessive thinking and any other emotional, behavioural or interpersonal concern that you may have.

• Therapy for Adolescents/Teens: Adolescents especially take to online therapy very well, due to their familiarity with using internet to exchange thoughts and feelings. Adolescence also is an age of turmoil where some empathy and help can be very powerful in realigning them with their life’s goals. The therapist may also involve parents in the discussion with the permission of the Adolescent and can help allay parental anxieties that are at a peak during the child’s teenage years.
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