Stress & Anger Management

Today everybody is living in an environment loaded with challenges and conflicts in personal, social and work place spheres, generating a lot of stress. The pressure to perform and achieve targets and expectations of colleagues and family members drives individuals to strive hard, often against one’s own personal needs and longings. The mismatch between expectations and achievements creates huge stress that calls for effective management. When it gets out of one’s control, it gives rise to serious health issues such as hypertension & hyperacidity, cardiac problems, etc. In personal relationships, too, problems are created, compounding the mental health issues. This is when a psychotherapist needs to be approached. There is great need to promote health-seeking behaviour to resolve psychological and emotional issues. Timely intervention of a good psychologist can help prevent lots of pain and suffering and make one’s life happier, smoother and more satisfying by developing specific coping up skills.

Another issue that calls for psychological intervention is chronic anger. It is often the outcome of one’s own unsatisfied desires and expectations. Of course, there may be external stimuli to prompt an angry response, but the expression of anger is a voluntary act of indiscretion, which often results in grave consequences. If one can see that the anger is the by product of one’s own way of thinking, one can control it. The basic idea of controlling anger is to develop stronger tolerance by looking at the whole picture in a different and healthier light. During counselling sessions, a Clinical Psychologist can infuse positive thoughts and attitude in the individual and help to take control of not just the anger, but one’s thoughts and emotions, too.

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